Creativity is key

At PeppeRmint, we are full of creative ideas to display your brand in a credible, confident, but most of all, memorable way.

PeppeRmint creates visibility and credibility for your organisation, services, or products with the right audience. They may be consumers, but also the media, influencers, or other special interest groups.

Communication is not an exact science, which is why we listen carefully to your wishes and needs. We will then develop a mediagenic and efficient 360​​° communication strategy based on your expertise and ours. And what’s more, we do this in a cost-effective way.

The numbers tell the tale

We think that measuring the results of our PR campaigns is essential. PeppeRmint has special measuring tools for this. In this way, you and we will both know exactly what the action has yielded in terms of ROI.

Want to find out how we can make a difference for your brand?

Email us at or tweet to @PeppeRmintBXL or just come and have coffee with us.